Google Trends: Kobe Bryant’s death overshadows Grammy’s; U.S. shows increasing concern over coronavirus

By Alex Ortega

Kobe Bryant’s sudden death overshadows the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards

On Sunday at 1:24 p.m. CT, TMZ had reported that former Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, died at the age of 41. It was later confirmed that he and his daughter were among the nine victims of a deadly helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

According to a Google search analysis on Google Trends, Kobe Bryant rapidly became a popular search in the U.S. after the news article was published. Prior to the article’s publication, Kobe Bryant searches were seemingly non existent.

This tragedy occurred just hours prior to the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. The ceremony premiered live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Coincidentally, this location is home to the basketball team that Bryant once played with, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The show opened with a tribute to Bryant from host, Alicia Keys. It included performances by Tyler. the Creator, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and many more. However, the passing of Bryant took the world and the internet by surprise.

According to a Google search analysis on Google Trends, Kobe Bryant searches were still trending higher throughout the day in comparison to the Grammy’s and Billie Eilish.

The eighteen year old artist became the youngest in history to win the ceremony’s top four categories that night.

She is also the second person to accomplish this feat since 1981 when Christopher Cross won the top four categories.

Despite the performances and the astonishing feat set by eighteen year old Billie Eilish, the news of Kobe Bryant’s death proved too big to surpass. The announcement of Eilish’s feat merely resulted in a tie for searches with the Grammy’s.

Concern over coronavirus increases as more cases appear throughout the United States

The 2019 novel coronavirus, as it is officially known, was first detected in Wuhan, China and has become of much concern around the globe.

On January 21st, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first case of coronavirus in America when a man from the state of Washington returned from a recent trip to Wuhan.

According to a Google search analysis on Google Trends, coronavirus began to increase in searches in the United States as the first case was confirmed.

This trend has been increasing since then due to the emerging information that is presented on a daily basis. As of January 27th, there are five confirmed cases in the United States, and at least 106 people in China have died from the virus.

Although these statistics are alarming, the CDC has recently issued a statement, deeming that the health risk is low at the time.

This is a similar sentiment that was shared by the Los Angeles County Health Department. However, they did add that everyone should practice good public health hygiene since it is currently the height of flu season.

According to the CDC, influenza (flu) activity begins to peak in the United States from December to February. As a result, many people begin to search the internet for symptoms and how to prevent it.

However, according to a Google search analysis on Google Trends, flu was a common search in the past thirty days until coronavirus overtook it around the time that the first U.S. case was announced.

Despite the CDC’s efforts, public concern will continue growing for coronavirus over the flu as long as there continues to be coronavirus cases in the United States and the rest of the world.

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